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The glorious ESTuna, Tuna de Engenharia da Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Setúbal, was establish on a sunny spring afternoon (despite is was winter), most precisely March 14, 1996, by a group belonging to a mixed Tuna (Musical Students Group), and, they noticed their fate was to sing for the lovely girls and not with them. (Like the Portuguese drink, Ginjinhas).

It had his first appearance on the first of May, (Worker's day, off course!) in Viana do Castelo with only 10 elements, 15 days of practice, very few musics and very shamelessness.

Like a chameleon, they had played a little bit of everything, (from the characteristic fado to the Hip-Hop Alentejano), everywhere and for everyone, (deaf people inclusive).

ESTuna shows the capacity to make is presence in a very diverse role of places having shown his worth in events like Tuna Festivals, Opening Celebrations, Marriage's Anniversaries, Proms, Centenaries, Congresses, Markets, Partys, Anniversaries, Academic Week's and any other alcoholic occasions. This Men's brag mos't about the friendships they leave, that the awards they bring home.

These Tunos are gifted with strong resistance to drinks, achieved by spending of a good amount of (€) and several experimentations in testing their resistances, and they survive with the Lord's grace and sometimes, when with luck, with the company of beautiful women.

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